What is ReboundTAG?


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Showcased by Lufthansa at the IATA Annual General Meeting

ReboundTAG is the only luggage tag ever showcased by a major airline to the IATA AGM, the international airline regulator. Lufthansa gave tags to all of the delegates from IATA member airlines and showed how ReboundTAG can be used for sophisticated airport processes as well as getting individuals' bags back to them quickly and easily.

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Incorporates all available technologies in one tag

ReboundTAG uses radio frequency identification microchips, NFC, barcode and printed number, and exclusive integrations with global baggage handling systems. We have designed the system so that while utilising the most advanced airport technologies it is also easy to use for the individual traveller. .

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Works in all airports worldwide

ReboundTAG works globally, and once your bag is found you wil be updated by the ReboundTAG system, anywhere in the world. We have also partnered with a baggage handling company who will look through the global lost luggage databases to see if your bag was found using one of the airlines' own paper tags and keep you updated (anywhere in the world). .

How does it work?

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ReboundTAG is the most advanced luggage tag available

Features of ReboundTAG

  • Works in all airports worldwide
  • You are updated by email and SMS when your bag is found
  • Exclusive arrangements with baggage handling companies to share information
  • Incorporates all relevant airport technologies in one tag
  • Your details remain secure (they are not on the microchip)
  • Also uses GPS within finder's phone to provide you with exact location of your bag
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We designed ReboundTAG so that it works in all airports worldwide, and so that it incorporates all of the most important airport technologies into one tag and service. It is the only radio frequency identification

luggage tag that works in all airports worldwide, as it can also work through the barcode or printed number.

It really is the deluxe luggage tag for the global traveller. It also works with global baggage handling systems through information sharing, some of which is done exclusively for us, so that ReboundTAG members are kept updated.

ReboundTAG Features

For airlines, companies and individuals

Radio frequency identification?

Radio frequency identification is used by advanced airports for baggage, it means that bags can be tracked effectively.

Which technologies are used?

Radio frequency identification microchips, NFC, barcode, printed number, and access to global baggage handling systems.

How widespread is lost luggage?

Well, just watch this video and it will give you an approximate idea of the problem...just make sure you sit down to watch it.

Ease of Use

All the complicated technology is behind the scenes so that you can relax when you travel...just login if an airline loses your bag.

Branding with your company logo

ReboundTAGs can be branded for any company or organisation, each tag sold then markets your company worldwide.

Airline Technologies

ReboundTAG has been demonstrated to use the most advanced airport technologies available, but also to be operable in all airports worldwide.

Why is ReboundTAG the best?

ReboundTAG uses every technology available to track a bag...we have worked with airlines to develop the superior luggage tag.

What does the service include?

Unlimited flights and usage while you are a member...you just leave it on your bag and relax when you travel.

Available with Allianz insurance

For larger customers ReboundTAG has developed a baggage insurance package with Allianz, this depends on regional regulations.

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