How does ReboundTAG work?

ReboundTAG products are designed to integrate all of the relevant technologies while being easy to use. Our various products integrate some combination of radio frequency identification, NFC, QR code, printed number and an easy to use web system. 

ReboundTAG Microchip Luggage Tag is designed to incorporate all of the main IATA standard bag tracking technologies into one tag; an RFID (radio frequency identification) microchip, an NFC (near field communication) microchip, a QR code, an ID number printed on the tag, and integration with global baggage handling systems. When your bag is found you are updated by email and SMS text message (anywhere in the world).

The RFID microchip contains both a unique ID and also another memory bank on which flight details can be encoded whenever you travel. Most microchip-enabled airports will automatically encode the flight details onto the chip when you travel, you do not need to do anything. The NFC chip can be scanned using most modern smartphones, our system can then use the GPS within the finder’s smartphone so that the owner is sent a map of exactly where the bag was found along with the finder’s details! The QR code can also be scanned using any smartphone, and at the most basic level of technology (or if the bag is found outside an airport) there is a unique ID number printed on the tag which can be entered manually into either the ReboundTAG system or most baggage handling systems around the world. So…ReboundTAG protects your bag worldwide by using all of the IATA standard bag tracking technologies in one tag!


Has ReboundTAG been featured or showcased in the industry?

ReboundTAG has been showcased by Lufthansa, including at the Annual General meeting of IATA (the international airline regulator), and is the only luggage tag ever showcased at the IATA AGM by a major airline.

What is so good about the Microchip Bag Tag?

Airlines misplace roughly 25 million bags every year worldwide, with many never seen again by their owners! Compensation can be very low compared to the value of the belongings lost and some insurers even ask for receipts for everything that was in the lost bag before they pay out!

Security firms strongly recommend that you do not put your details on your luggage.

There have been more primitive solutions in the past, such as stickers for your bag etc... but with ReboundTAG right from the start we wanted to incorporate ever layer of technology into one luggage tag so that you can relax when you travel. 

How do I register my Tag?

If registering for the first time simply go to, click “Register Here” and enter the number printed on the ReboundTAG along with your details. After registering you can go straight to your Member's Area. For any further tags you can register them in your Member's Area.

What does the price include?

The price includes the Microchip Bag Tag with a full year's membership. You can use the ReboundTAG as many times as you like and if an airline loses your bag you get unlimited updates from us, the baggage handling systems, and our baggage handling company partners who will look through the global databases to see if your bag has been found using the airlines' own paper tag....essentially ReboundTAG gives you the full service, your bag can be identified anywhere and you are kept updated whenever possible by us.

If your bag is found outside an airport then you will also be updated, but your contact details will remain secret and secure.  

What happens if my details change?

Just go to your Members Area and change them yourself whenever you want to, it could not be easier.

What kind of technology is used?

The Microchip Bag Tag uses state of the art Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) microchip technology; we use IATA standard microchips which are used in most RFID airports worldwide.

Our tags have an RFID microchip that contains both our own ID along with extra bits of space so that airlines and airports with their own RFID systems can encode your flight details on the chip as well (this happens automatically, you do not need to do anything). As well as the RFID there is an NFC chip (near field communication); most modern smartphones can now scan NFC chips. There is also a QR code which can be scanned using smartphones. The multiple layers of technology mean that our tags are useful in all airports from the most basic to the most sophisticated. At the most basic level people can manually enter the ID number printed on the tag. 


Is RFID currently being used by airlines?

Many hub airports around the world, where most bags get lost, have implemented complete RFID systems and there are already RFID readers in many airports, and for those that don’t have them they can simply use the NFC, barcode or number printed on the ReboundTAG for identification.

Should I keep it on the inside or the outside of my bag?

We would recommend keeping the tag on the outside of the bag, the reason being that if the bag is lost (as of course they frequently are by many airlines) then the airport/airline can immediately see the ReboundTAG and see what they should be doing, therefore it will be returned to you more quickly. We are looking at the idea of placing the tags within the bags, working with luggage manufacturers for instance, and this would certainly work in terms of the RFID chip being programmed and read through the bag (providing the luggage is not metal as this blocks all info from RFID chips) but for now we recommend that the tag is kept on the outside of the baggage.

Also, if you have ordered tags with your corporate logo then when people see the tag when you are travelling they will see your company logo and will be likely to ask about it or visit your website so it is also useful for marketing for you!

How many bags actually go missing every year?

A scary amount! Well over 25 million bags went missing last year of which many were never seen by their owners again. In fact there are now companies that do nothing else but auction off people’s lost luggage. If you use the ReboundTAG then at least you know that’s not your underwear or shoes being sold off to somebody!