If you want to place a large order of ReboundTAGs then please contact us. For larger orders we can also print your company's logo on the tag and personalise the look. The membership is $4.99 per year for each tag which includes both unlimited journeys and also all updates by SMS and email that will be forwarded to you when your bag is located/forwarded.

All postage and packaging is free to anywhere in the world when you buy your ReboundTAGs online. All prices are in US$.

What does the ReboundTAG include?

As long as you are a member you can use the ReboundTAG on as many flights as you want, this applies to any airline internationally.
When an airline loses your bag we'll keep you updated by email and SMS text message as soon as your bag has been identified and as things develop
You can go to your Member's Area whenever you want to update your information or use ReboundTAG's bag-tracking features

Microchip Bag Tag (With a Full Years Membership)

Very tough microchip luggage tag that works for an unlimited number of flight within a full year initial membership period; renewal then costs only $4.99 per year which includes unlimited updates by email and SMS if an airline loses your bag.

Price: $29.95


Microchip Bag Tag Family Pack (4 tags pack - All with a Full Years Membership)

When you travel make sure there is a tag on each item of luggage that is at risk of being lost. All tags include a full year's membership which includes unlimited email and SMS updates if an airline loses your bag.

Price: $92.95